About Us

The Vancouver Ballet Society is a unique, non-profit organization committed to supporting and revitalizing dance through education, encouragement and assistance. Founded in 1946 the VBS continues to be a group of dedicated dance lovers incorporated to encourage the continuation of and instruction in the art of dance. The Society has been the only ‘umbrella’ dance organization in continuous operation in this province for over 70 years.

Our primary mission is finding the means to continue and increase our scholarship fund so that young, talented British Columbians can be encouraged to continue their studies in what is an increasingly costly discipline, thus insuring that B.C. will continue to enjoy the sight of home-grown dancers on our own and international stages.

The Vancouver Ballet Society offers dance students exclusive Master Classes with some of Canada’s most prominent artists and companies, as well as a week long intensive workshop known as Spring Seminar, and scholarship funds. The Society also houses an extensive archive collection with pieces dating back to 1912. The Vancouver Ballet Society also publishes the acclaimed Dance International Magazine, which is distributed world wide!

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